If you have never had an Asian massage, you are missing out on quite a bit! Asian massage is everything you can expect from a regular massage session, but with a twist! Going to an Asian massage parlor is not just going to be a good experience, but it will be a mind-blowing experience! Let’s have a look at what is unique about it and what to expect from an Asian Massage.

Asian Massage Parlors offer something different

If you are wondering what an Asian massage parlour offers, the answer is simple! It offers something different from the other massage parlours. The massage techniques and methods used by the masseuse during the Asian massage session will be much more unique and exotic than those used in a Swedish massage session. The first thing to know is that you will be getting the massage session from someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. It will be like a mini-vacation right there during the session, whether you get it at the spa or at your home.

Asian Massage
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What happens during an Asian Massage?

Most Asian massage sessions start with a table shower. Warm water will be poured on every part of your naked body as you lay on a soft and padded table. Every square inch of your body will be cleaned and thoroughly washed, excluding your face, as you lay on the table enjoying being pampered. After that, your whole body will be thoroughly died from head to toe by the masseur/masseuse. After that, a towel will be wrapped around your waist and you will be escorted to the massage room where you will be asked to lay face down on a warm and padded table. During the massage session, the person receiving the massage can be covered using another towel, or they could be completely bare.

Once the massage session starts, the masseur/masseuse will pour warm oil over your back This is a delight in itself. Every nook and cranny of your backside will be covered with warm oil which will be massaged all over your body. Your feet will also be massaged, which gives an overall relaxing feeling. Once the back side of your body is massaged, it will be followed by a hot towel wipe and you will be asked to turn over onto your back.

As you turn around, your private parts and crotch area will be covered so they don’t show. The full body massage will be given on the front side of your body. During the whole time, the person giving the massage will not make any judgements or comments and he or she will help you clean it all up once you are done. If you need help getting dressed up afterward, the massage therapists will also do that.

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