Asian massage refers to any type of touch-based therapy that uses the Chinese or Asian system of medicine. The technique has become so popular that it spans the globe now, including all over the United States. Asian full body massage techniques are aimed to work with the flow of energy throughout the meridian pathways. This flow of energy is also known as chi. The best thing about Asian full body massage is that it is done while the individual is clothed. No bare skin has to be exposed to get the benefits of Asian Full Body Massage. The massage is also based on concepts such as yin/yang and the five elements and chakras.

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Variations of Asian Full Body Massage

Today, several variations have branched out of Asian full body massage. The techniques differ from variation to variation, but the main purpose is to create a high flow of energy during the massage. For example, traditional Asian massage is performed while fully clothed so no bare skin is visible. However, the variation called Vegas Asian massage is usually done with minimal draping which provides a high flow of energy during the Asian massage.

When we look at the variations of Asian Massage, there are quite a few. From Amma and Tuina (Chinese) to Nuad Bo Rarn (Thailand), Shiatsu (Japanese), Marma/Varm Adi (Indian) to Lomi Lomi (Hawaii), you will find all the variations at Vegas Top Massage. We take pride in offering the widest range of massage services in Central Vegas. The techniques used in each type of massage vary greatly, so they cannot be all placed under one umbrella. All these massage types are different from each other and their purpose is also different.

Purpose of Asian Massage

The purpose of Asian massage is to release or remove energy blockages and bring a high energy flow in the body. Although these theories have not been proven by medical science, they are being practiced since they were developed thousands of years ago.

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Types of Vegas Asian Massage

The variationss of Vegas Asian Massage services you will find today are based on the different kinds of massages that have been adopted from different places and countries. Some common types of Vegas Asian Massage include but are not limited to:

Acupressure – This is an alternate medicine technique which is similar to acupuncture. It focuses on life energy which flows through the body meridians.

Jin Shin Do – This type of Asian massage was started in the 1970s where the therapist uses gentle yet deep pressure on specific acu-points of the body.

SMMA/Anma – This practice of traditional Japanese massage is known to be developed in Japan during the Nara period, dating back to 710-793 CE.

Jin Shou Tuina – This variation of Asian Full Body Massage is practiced and based on Traditional Chinese medicine.

Chi Nei Tsang – This system of Chinese Deep Healing uses the energy flow of the five major systems in the body.

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